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Frequently Asked Questions

Revised: 17th November 2002

Q In DCmagic, why can't I open the dragged photos in another photo package ?

A When DCmagic is in DEMO mode all dragged photos are encrypted preventing any other program from viewing them. Once you have Licensed DCmagic simply open the folder containing the encrypted dragged photos and select REFRESH from the right mouse button pop-up menu. DCmagic will now restore the photos to their normal format making them viewable by other programs. Wait until all thumbnail images are redisplayed. Note: DCmagic does not effect the format of the source photo files.

Q In rePaint-It, why can't I get the pictures from my camera to appear in the file list ?

A The pictures in your camera must first be downloaded into a folder on your hard drive. These picture files must have the 3 character extension of "JPG" or they won't appear in the file list. eg HOUSE.JPG or IMAGE001.JPG

Q What are JPG picture files ?

A Pictures are stored on the computer as bitmap images. These images use thousands of pixels (small coloured dots) next to and above each other to represent the entire colour picture. Bitmap image files are very large in size. JPG files use the Intel Jpeg compression format to reduce the size of the file stored. Often by as much as 20 times. Unfortunately, when you look very closely at the pixels in a JPG picture the colours are sometimes changed slightly relying on several pixels next to each other to approximate the original colour. When you look at the whole picture it looks exactly the same as the bitmap original. Jpeg format is most commonly used with digital cameras.

Q How do I convert JPG pictures to bitmap pictures ?

A You can use the program FASTCROP to convert the picture format and picture size to between JPG and BITMAP format files. The program BMP2AVI v1.02 will now accept JPG picture files directly. You no longer need to convert them to Bitmap format.

Q Why does rePaint-It use a PICS folder ?

A When rePaint-It stores a recoloured picture it creates several files. They are all required to redisplay the recoloured picture again later. They are all stored together in the same folder called PICS. Only the *BMP quick-view picture file will appear in the file list even though all the files are used to reload the picture into rePaint-It.

Q Why do I get "Run Time Error #6 - Overflow" when I try to run rePaint-It ?

A It has been reported that when rePaint-It v1.00 is installed under WINDOWS 2000 this runtime error is presented whenever the program is started causing the program to halt immediately. At this time no solution is available for WIN2000. However, rePaint-It does install and run properly under WIN95, WIN98 and Wndows ME. Refer to the software page for future updates for this problem.

Q Why are their coloured bands through my saved picture ?

A Bitmap images require millions of different colours to properly represent the complex shades of colour used in a picture. If your Windows Color Depth setting is not set to TRUE COLOR, then shaded areas within a picture will appear as bands of solid color. For the best results always set your Windows Screen Settings to TRUE COLOR, ie 24bit, 32bit or 64million colours. This can be checked (and set) by pointing to the Desktop background (not an icon) and pressing the RIGHT mouse button. Select PROPERTIES from the pop-up menu. The window titled DISPLAY PROPERTIES will be presented. Click the SETTINGS tab. In the Box named COLOR PALETTE you can now change the required color depth to TRUE COLOR. 32bit is best. Click on the OK button to apply this change. Some version of Windows may require that you RE-BOOT your computer to use this new setting.

Q I've just registered my software. Why won't the installed software accept the new License Key?

A Each license key issued is only valid for the software Serial Number that was given at registration. Although the usual reason is that the License Key has been mistyped. To guarentee accuracy highlight just the LICENSE KEY returned in your confirming email (no leading or lagging spaces) exactly as typed in the email. Use the right mouse click pop-up menu to COPY the license key to the clipboard. Now run the installed software. If the Registration Window does not appear you can select it from the HELP menu in the software program. Use the right mouse click pop-up menu to PASTE the License key into the entry box on the Registration Window. Click on SAVE. Your program should now be registered.

Q After I re-installed Windows and installed the software again it won't accept the License Key. How do I fix this ?

A Sometimes reinstalling Windows completely removes all files from the hard drive. When you install the software again it can't find any previous Registration so a new Serial Number is generated. This new serial number will be different to the last time making the license key invalid. To fix this you need to update your license key. Simply send us any (2) of the following, your old serial number, old license key, original email address at time of registration. This is to prove your identity. State that you require an updated license key due to re-installation of Windows. Also include your new serial number and program title. We will then send you the updated license key at NO CHARGE. You can email this information to

IMPORTANT: Before re-installing the software make sure that the Windows Clock is set to the current date/time. If this is not correct we will not be able to issue a valid license key.

A better way to manage this problem is to use the backup features of your PC. Some brands (like Compaq) provide the ability to update the default backup/restore partition for your own current Windows Configuration. This feature would also backup the registration details of your software. You should refer to your manuals for more details on backup and restore.

Q I forgot to set the Windows Clock to the current date/time before re-installing the software and Starchild Corp say they can't issue a valid license Key. What do I do?

A It is important that the Windows clock is set to the current date/time BEFORE the software is installed. When the software program is installed it generates a unique serial number for that date. When a license key is issued by Starchild Corp it is always based on the current date. If the time difference between the two is too great then the license key will be ignored.

The ONLY fix for this problem is to reformat your hard-drive and re-install Windows again. Then Setup the Windows clock to the current date/time. Now install the software program for the first time. A new serial number is generated for the software program. Send this serial number (with other identification information) to Starchild Corp and we will issue you with the replacement license key.

IMPORTANT: You can NOT just uninstall the software program and try re-installing it again. The serial number will be not be changed. The original install date still remains.


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Should the above information not provide you with the answer you need, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support at

Please include all relevant information relating to your problem. Program title and version number, description of problem, events and actions leading up to the problem occuring, any reported error messages, your basic system specs (WIN98,64mRAM,20GHD,etc).


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